Here we go!

I’m an average runner that has found inspiration in being able to make a difference in these kids lives.  The struggle to train and complete a long distance run is nothing compared to what they struggle against every day.  They’ve inspired me to push through the physical and mental barriers it takes to run my first marathon in April 2011, and have given me the confidence to train and the desire to complete a 146 mile journey called the Badwater Solo in Death Valley this July.

Our organization has been around for 125 years, serving the children and families of South St. Louis.  As we get ready to break ground on only the 3rd school in our history, my hope is that we can find 1,000 people to donate $140 ($1 for each child our great teachers help every year) and raise $140,000 towards the new school.

As I train for this ridiculous run, I’ll share my thoughts and observations about our mission, my journey, and these great kids.