Why am I doing this again?

Again, a big thank you to everyone that’s supported me! The run could be an end to itself, but it’s much more than that. SouthSide has published a piece that I think says it better than I ever could. Take a look here

Oh, and we’re over $25,000! (Blackboard will be updated when I get home) If you want to wait to see if I actually finish the run, no problem! As I’ve found, inspiration can strike at any time!

In the meantime, drink plenty of fluid, and stay out of the direct sun!

See everyone soon!


5 Responses

    • A bit, but we’re going to go sloooowly, so should be ok. Anyone else going July 2?

      • No definite plans for the 2nd, that I’ve heard. But I don’t know everything. Who do you have for crew? Got foot care? Need any last-minute help/supplies? Schedule & budget are tight, but we’ll see if we can drive out to meet you on course. Call us @ 559-332-2419 if you have a chance between now and the start, or if you need anything, 24/7. You’ll do fine.

      • Thanks! I have Scott Weber and two ultra runners from St Louis. I ran into Ben Jones when I was out there training last month, so have him on speed dial too. Flying to LV tomorrow, and will give you a call. Tim

  1. Good! Can’t go wrong with Scott & Ben on your side. They’re the best!

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