Run until it’s DONE!- New challenge for 2013-14

As most of you know, we’re nearly there in fully funding the new school for SouthSide!  Thanks to your generosity, we’re going ahead with groundbreaking THIS THURSDAY!  To celebrate how close we are (and hopefully get us across the finish line), I’m taking up a new challenge for 2013/14, and I hope you’ll join me!

We’re calling it Run until it’s DONE!, and the challenge is as follows.  Starting at groundbreaking (Feb 28) and for the next 12 months, I will run 2,014 miles in a combination of races and training.  We’ll finish up when we open the doors next year!

To put that in perspective:

  • It’s about a 1/2 marathon for every child we can accommodate in the new school, or
  • It’s a marathon every week (plus another 10 miles or so), and
  • I’ll burn about 260,000 calories (that’s 788 cheeseburgers!) :)

“How can I get involved?” I hear you say.  We’re working on that right now, but rest assured, whatever you’re motivated to do- run, donate, help out at SouthSide, we can accomodate it!  Full details on support coming soon!

So, I’m starting Thursday, and I’ll post my progress every week.  I’ll use my GPS watch to track progress, so you’ll be able to follow along.  We’re going to races around the country, so it should be a bit of an adventure!  I’ll post my races as I sign up for them, I hope to have all of them, and my training mapped out on the site in the next few days.

We’ll also bring you stories about the great kids at SouthSide you’re helping every month.  This is my inspiration, and I hope by sharing some of their stories, you’ll find a reason to be inspired, or just smile.

Finally, I’d ask that you spread the word!  Every time I talk to someone about the kids or the great work the staff and board does at SouthSide, a little inspiration grows.  Help us plant that seed.

See you on the road!

The idiot

Do YOU have what it takes to be an inspired idiot?

So, after resting a bit, I’m back to running and thinking about what’s next (no, I’m not going back out into the wilderness just yet).  My initial goal was to see what barriers I could break while raising awareness of the great work our staff does with the kids and their families at SouthSide Early Childhood Center.  I took inspiration from them and from all of you and made it through.  We not only raised awareness, but put us on track to raise the $3.5 million needed for a new school (if you’ve seen the old school, you know this is definitely a NEED, not a want).  That campaign still continues (we’re about $750,000 from our goal, nearly there!) and so if you know anyone that can see the need and wants to help, let them know about the site!

One of the things I’ve learned is that inspiration comes from some of the most unlikely places (just look at me :)), and I know you’ve either personally experienced or heard of some inspired idiots out there breaking barriers.  There are enough negative sites on the web, I’d like to keep this one up and running as a source for inspiration, but I need your help.  Send me your links, your stories, stories you’ve heard or experienced yourself.  If you know of an idiot or two, even better!  I’d like to help share those stories.  Here’s one to get you started:

George Swain, Head of Middle School at Poughkeepsie Day School (NY), is an avid biker and blogger. In 2010, as the Endless Mountains 1000K began, he was hit by a car from behind, resulting in trauma that included 24 broken bones. He’s back on his bike and recently rode a tour of all of the communities that Poughkeepsie Day serves, 300+ miles in the hills of upstate NY.

George’s blog post introducing the PDS tour:

A description of George’s catastrophe of 2010:

Look forward to hearing more stories like George’s.



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